Musings on the Austin FC Match: The Drought Ends


by Jason Goodbody

Sunday games are not ideal for us amateur part time commentators. There is no next morning in the front room with the dog at my feet, a swiftly cooling cup of coffee teetering on a coaster that likely causes more spills than it saves, and two slices of cinnamon toast (don't judge), and several hours of ahead of me to craft a semblance of musings. Instead, I'm finding 15 minutes between work meetings throughout the week to pull something together and publish on a Friday. Don't be surprised and apologies in advance if I get my workstreams crossed and this piece has an inadvertent musing on a 2025 operations budget submission.

The new rules are coming!!

Like a new note-taking system we've discovered or newfound diet, everything is definitely going to be so much better. I can just feel it. This weekend when St Louis CITY SC battles its cross-state (and then hop over into a whole other state) rival Sporting Kansas, the MLS will implement three new "competition initiatives".

  1. Off-field treatment rule. This limits how long a player can writhe on the ground before he gets sent off for 2 minutes to "recover" or confirm that "oh, geeze, he really is very much injured—oh, good God that looks awful". They have 15 seconds to either pop right up, be carted off, or be shamed to the sidelines and this will still feel like forever to the home crowd.
  2. Timed substitutions. Subs have 10 seconds to leave the field. This will still feel like forever to the home crowd. Too much sauntering and the oncoming substitute will need to wait 60 seconds with their team continuing to play down a man. It has been reported that an earlier draft of the rule required the delayed player to impatiently pace along the sideline and pantomime looking at a nonexistent wristwatch with frustration. That would have been a cool rule.
  3. In-stadium VAR announcements. After reviewing a hi-def, super slow motion replay with the assistance of expert video watchers, the referee will now be able to tell you that the handball you clearly saw from row 20 in section 201 actually didn't happen.

This isn't Kansas anymore

This last week, Sporting Kansas and Inter Miami FC played in what appeared to be a neutral site game before a crowd of 72K in Arrowhead Stadium. The raucous crowd chanting "Messi, Messi, Messi" and cheering after Miami goals were reminiscent of the near takeover of Children's Mercy Park by CITY fans last year. (Editor's note: let's not kid ourselves into thinking the same thing wouldn't happen if CITY played a Messi-ful Miami in the Dome at America's Center, downtown St Louis. The crowd would be filled with Lionel Messi lookie-loos for sure. But there would no doubt be additional "Kakaw!!" sounds amongst the cacophony.)

Sam Adeniran is MIA

Coaches decision. As a leader of people, I have a slowly forming opinion but I'm going to leave it at that for now. I know enough to know I don't know enough.

Goodness. This defense showed up

Austin FC only had 2 shots and zero shots on goal. This means the backline combination of Anthony Markanich, Kyle Hiebert, Tim Parker, and Tomas Totland was like trying to fold fitted sheets, frustrating at the very least, nearly impossible to figure out for most. It also means that CITY Keeper, and apparent embodiment of a fireman calendar, Roman Bürki was reeeeeeaaaaalllly bored back there. As a former goalkeeper, I remember our best games were when I could have unfolded a lawnchair in the goalbox, sat down, and just enjoyed the match. Hope you enjoyed your rest, my dude.

Markanich to Ostrák to Totland to Alm to Klauss - What a progression

Klauss goal in the 57' was beautiful. It was a lesson in connectedness and communication born from pre-game planning among CITY attackers on how to position themselves when the opportunity came to them. A series of passes making their way up the field, in a way uncharacteristic of the team, ended with Klauss stepped back from tracking defenders, settling into a space for a perfect pass from Alm, and hard putting it into goal. Let's hope the attacking third continues to chat.


This last week, CityRefs hosted a grand cornhole tournament and charity fundraiser, attended by content creators and fellow fans alike. In attendance was also the City SC Report team composed of yours truly paired with our fearless leader and smooth-talking podcaster, Steve. I learned that just like the NCAA Basketball Tournament, employing a midrange jumper wasn't a successful strategy. I learned that the No Goal Patrol is really good at cornhole, like "stand a certain way with their off-hand in a position that matters" good. Steve and I just tossed bags rather haphazardly but still put in a good showing.

Thanks to CityRefs, to 4 Hands Brewing Company, and Parker Pilsner for sponsoring/hosting the event. Many brilliantly creative people coming together and getting to know each other was truly a treat. A great time was had by all. 

Scattershot Musings

  • Goodness it was hot during this game. In the first half, both teams spent the majority of the time in the shadows of the western cantilevered roof. However, right back Tomas Totland stood there mostly all alone in the sun, face flushed red, and sporting an exasperated look that said, "you all know I'm from Norway, right? Welcome to Missouri, Tots.
  • Saturday will be in the high 40s, or as winger Nökkvi Thórisson calls it, "Iceland in July"
  • The St Lou (Hey Jude) song needs to start right after the game-ending whistle…..maybe allow for some cheering. But not long after the cheering, this song needs to begin before the stands clear out. This is an arms around neighbors' shoulders, rocking side to side, stadium-wide song. If you have heard a couple thousand north end supporters belt out this song, it is a banger. Imagine all of CITYPARK singing along….. Chills.
  • Coach Bradley Carnell got a yellow card warning in the 73'. We suspect he may have been making suggestions to referee Ted Unkel about how might best spend the next few minutes doing with himself.
  • This was Indiana Vassilev's 50th game. The versatile midfielder has played in the most St Louis CITY SC matches across all competitions. He will make his mark and become synonymous with this team, his name and goofy handlebar mustache indistinguishable from the club for years to come.

See you next time.  #AllForCITY

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Photos courtesy of St Louis City SC and Jason Patrylo