Musings on the Sounders Match, Part Ugh


by Jason Goodbody

Well, that wasn't ideal. St Louis CITY SC drops their second game against a very good Seattle Sounders team, depriving CITY the chance to record the most ever points by an expansion team and in turn earning the Sounders a playoff match against Dallas, a team they've resoundingly tied twice this season.

Superlatives that could have been

There wasn't a lot at stake for CITY in this game having already secured a top spot in the West. A win however would have helped the Boys in Red earn a better chance at home field advantage should they advance to the MLS Cup Championship game. A win would have also have gifted CITY with inaugural team accolades that could fill a Wikipedia page or provide for interesting banter that make their way into in-game color commentary during lulls in the course of play. "You know, Taylor. Carnell's club had the most points by an expansion club in history" would stop being interesting by game three into next season. Carnell wanted this game though. It mattered to the club and to him.

The season of firsts continues

Fans experiencing their first last home game of the inaugural regular season is a narrative I couldn't shake all week and felt well into the late hours Saturday night. Milling about Louligan Street before the game and in the stands and throughout the promenade at game time was a surreal experience as fans seemed just happy to be here experiencing this first, last once-in-a-lifetime moment.

After a cursory scan of the schedule a week or so ago, it also became apparent that this game could have been the first time CITY could lose to the same team twice in MLS play. Unfortunately, "could" turned into "did" and made the list of bad firsts.

C'mon You Boys in Red

At the 10-minute mark Fleur de Noise and the north end supporter section admirably led the stadium in this banger of a chant. The south end of the stadium was unfortunately a bit muted in this effort. In section 101, however, I was giving it my all, screaming the response part of the call and response and Yankee Doodle Dandied the other part, frightening nearby children and meeting the gaze of confused onlookers. I even tried to comply and use the word "freaking". But alas, it appeared (sounded) that only a quarter of the stadium took part. But also alas, I don't remember if I said "freaking". I tried, truly I did.

I vote we keep it going.  It'll catch on. Fire it up 10 min into each game moving forward. Maybe we borrow some capos for just that moment in the southwest and southeast stands for a bit.

The Tifo was fire

As the team readied itself for the start of the game, the St. Louis City Punks created, and with help from the rest of the supporters' groups and volunteers, crafted and unveiled a tifo to the delight of the stadium and Apple TV watchers alike. "This Is Our Home", it spelled out with huge background images of Niko Gioacchini, a screaming Tim Parker and Roman Bürki (because of course) and a giggling João Klauss (because also of course) in the background, all seemingly being orchestrated by a proud Carolyn Kindle, President and CEO of the club.

I haven't searched the extensive database of photos of MLS Tifo-dom that have been used over the years, but I would wager that there have been very few images of team owners/presidents being displayed. One exception, it has been rumored, had been several attempts by the Colorado Rapids supporters group Centennial 38 to show the likeness of Stan Kroenke, but we understand that they would have been in violation of Commerce City municipality obscenity and indecency laws and MLS rules against hate speech.

Some shorter quicker musings as I need to travel for work this Sunday. Also I'm unfortunately missing the CITY Playoff Launch Party at this very moment of writing on the plane. For those who attended, hope you had a blast.  I should have sent something with you to have signed.

ALL PRO Tim Parker  Parker continued to demonstrate his value to the team by single handedly saving a goal at the beginning of the second half. I gasped at the stadium and rewatched it several times this morning. Gasping repeatedly. Goodness gracious

Honeymoon period is real and it won't last forever and I think Eduard Löwen is fully aware and appreciates that. "We know our last two performances haven't been great, but to have that moment with the fans and not hear anything negative. We know we have the best fans in America" Yep. Enjoy it my man. It may not always be like this.

Denver Broncos might could use another free safety. With a perfect open field tackle of Aziel Jackson in the 87th minute that despite its beauty, earned Joshua Atencio a yellow card, the 6'1 175 lb midfielder Joshua Atencio could bulk up a bit and find himself a new calling. Same for an MMA opportunity for Sounders attacking midfielder Nicolás Lodeiro for throwing a textbook elbow to the neck of Jared Stroud.

SeoulTaco is now at CityPark. Super excited to hear that and ever more excited to try their Korean fusion burritos.  So good. Spoke to the owner and she was so thrilled to be there and she shared that they will be in the stadium next year as well. Yaaaaaayyy!

Looking Forward

Next Sunday, October 29th at--wait....did I read this right? Huh-- 9pm.  9pm local time on a work/school night.  Goodness.  Well, we'll be playing the winner of the San Jose vs Sporting Kansas, I guess.  If it's San Jose, they'll be playing at their normal early evening timeslot. Thanks MLS.

No matter. See you at CITYPARK or look out for us in the southeast corner on the TV. I'll be on my third Redbull and vodka.


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Header photo courtesy of St Louis City SC and Jason Patrylo with the amazing Tifo shot