Pre Match Musings for the Real Monarchs Melee: A CITY2 Experience


by Jason Goodbody

Warm takes from an amateur professional soccer fan

This is meant to be a primer for those who have yet to attend a CITY game for whatever the reason, whether it be your chronic Saturday evening obligations, or you've only now succumbed to peer/kid pressure, or you’ve been put off by the ridiculous seat prices (pssst, little secret…if you haven't heard, we aren't even using the seats). Either way, if this is your first visit to CITYPARK, welcome. You are in for a treat.

If you've been to CITY2 games, but not the first team's games, I suspect that the experience this sunday may have a different feel. You see, many of us regular attendees have been without our Boys in Red for what seems to be ages, like a few weeks, and there is a shroud of withdrawal setting in and we need our fix. So many of us will be joining you if you don't mind. For many of us, it'll be our first CITY2 game so forgive us if we try to sit in our normal seats that you may be occupying. It's just habit leading our path to you. Just shoo us away and encourage us to sit somewhere else, wherever we like in fact.

So, for our first timers. 

  • Get there early and walk around. Take it all in. 
  • Check out Pillars of the Valley monument on the southeast corner. Here’s an opportunity to appreciate and commiserate with those who sacrificed their homes and what generational wealth they had for this part of the city and CITYPARK itself. 
  • Wipe the tear from your cheek, never forget, and then walk around and take in the entire CITYPARK complex from the outside. 
  • Pop over to City Pavilion just south of the stadium. Not sure if they are open sunday nights but that’s where you’ll be purchasing your CITY paraphernalia from here until eternity. This is not to be confused with Viola Stl Dispensary on the north end which also has plenty of paraphernalia…reportedly. 
  • Drop by one of the several fine pubs surrounding the stadium for a pre-game glass of whatever you like. 
  • Pre-game at The Pitch where you'll find the STL Santos, the Independent, Spanish-speaking supporters group for St. Louis CITY SC. Celebrate fútbol with the very best and then march with them to the stadium. You don't even need to know Spanish. 
  • Get in the park early enough to see it empty. It’s gorgeous. Nearly 10,000 may be joining you soon.
  • Walk around the promenade on the first level to check out all the available eateries and drinkeries. Highly recommend you grab something, any vendor will do. You cant go wrong.
  • Our highly acclaimed and highly anticipated center back of the future Joakim “The Gripen” Nilsson will be getting some playing time and working himself into match fitness. When we next see him on the mainstage, St Louis CITY SC will finally be fully sweded. Then watch out. 
  • Practice your chants
  • Enjoy the experience win or lose.
  • See you at CITYPARK. #AllForCITY

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