The Supporter Section is One Step Closer to Coming Alive on Oct. 19th


The thumping of drums echoing through the stadium...

A swarm of flags soaring through the air...

Plumes of smoke signaling the celebration...

Three thousand voices cheering in unison for one City...

The heartbeat of St. Louis CITY SC will be seen, heard, and felt at the north end of our new stadium. And the team has now given us news worth celebrating.

St. Louis soccer fans will now be one step closer to experiencing this pulse-pounding energy and so much more starting October 19th. It was announced today that Supporter Section Season Tickets will go on sale next month, much earlier than previously announced. Fans who placed their deposit early for the Supporter Section will be prioritized, meaning that tickets will be made available in the order that deposits were originally placed beginning in September of last year.

While there are many things to discuss, here are some of the quick, main things worth pointing out that fans have been wondering about:

  • $391 for the regular season includes 17 home games ($23 per match)

  • Can be paid across four payments after 20% down at the start

  • Ticketing will be done through SeatGeek which will link with the City SC app

St. Louis City SC has emphasized from the start that they are listening to fans and are focused on delivering an experience that puts the fans first. From Fan Council meetings where the team has met to hear from those in the community to now being the first group to purchase tickets for the inaugural season in 2023, the organization has continued to support the very group that will be supporting them on game days and every day in between.

The organization has taken what has worked well at other MLS and international stadiums while incorporating unique elements that will make the St. Louis Supporter Section both a memorable experience for fans and imposing for opposing teams. Common to many recently built soccer stadiums, the Supporter Section will be general admission, standing room only and the seats will be safely locked into place so that there is ample room for fans to walk through and cheer on their feet. Safe-standing rails will be in place to make it more comfortable to lean or stand during the game. And maybe a place to put your beverage of choice as well.

To be an imposing presence to those that visit our stadium, the slope of the section is at a 34% angle or the steepest allowed in the MLS. Combined with the stadium's flat canopy, this design will maximize the sounds of the supporters, resulting in an intimidating wall of sound that will electrify the gameday atmosphere.

Additional special features of the stadium that had previously been announced at the St. Louligan event at Schlafly earlier this year include multiple "capo" stands for chant leaders, a centralized drum platform close to the pitch, and customized rigging designed to support oversized tifo banners that can be hung from the stadium's canopy roof.

As if all that wasn't enough, we can also raise a glass to having access to an exclusive Supporter's Bar. That's right, between all the cheering and singing, supporters can quench their thirst and step out to a bar flowing with local brews and spirits that's made available to only fans in that section.

Flags will wave, tifos will be hung, songs will be sung, and the energy of the Supporters will most certainly be noticed by the City. Get ready, because the St. Louis City SC Supporter Section will provide a soccer experience unlike any other. 

By Michael Haffner