Welcome to the City SC Report Tailgating Page


Welcome to the City SC Report Tailgating Page!

Defined as "to host or attend a social gathering at which an informal meal is served from the back of a parked vehicle, typically in the parking lot of a sports stadium," tailgating is deeply-rooted in American sports culture. In St. Louis, we are not any different. What will this pre-game environment look like for St. Louis City SC fans?

As we all prepare for the first City SC match, there will be many questions we will want to explore, such as:

  • How close are the parking lots to the stadium?

  • How many hours before the match do the parking lots open?

  • Which lot will serve as the Supporters Group lot?

  • Are we allowed to use grills in the parking lot?

  • Where will away team supporter groups park/stage before the game?

  • Will City SC fans be able to tailgate at any away matches?

  • ...and much, much more.

Within this Tailgating Page of the City Report Website, you will hopefully learn the answers to your questions, as well as find entertaining information about tailgating trends across the league. There will also be incredible recipes shared on this site for you to enjoy at your next pre-match gathering.

Written by Andy Croley. Andy will serve as the primary contributor for the City SC Report Tailgating page. He is also the creator of Bones & Brews BBQ YouTube Channel. Check it out for some amazing tailgating recipes. www.youtube.com/c/bonesbrewsbbq