Welcome to the City SC Report!


Hello and welcome! 10 years ago, with help from a couple of friends, I operated a soccer blog and FB page called "Floodplain Footy". We covered St Louis soccer, AC St Louis and Athletica in particular, and carried original stories and interviews. After AC St Louis and Athletica both folded, I tried to keep it interesting and informative, but it was difficult. I did post some great interviews I had with players like Will Bruin, Brad Davis, and a few others , but when interest in the pages started to fade, and it became too difficult to maintain, I made the decision to shut it down (about 2014). Well, I'm back with the City SC Report.

With the intention of this group being for information,  and stories based on and around Saint Louis City SC, I have decided to add my own generated content as well. I will continue where Floodplain Footy left off and, with the help of a team I have created, will generate original stories, news, and interviews, mostly concerning Saint Louis City SC, as well as information from the team and other sources on our social media feeds.